What to Expect


Learn via Skype, phone and self-study

What to expect

❀ Knowledge and expertise in the area of reproductive health

Individualized Nutrition & Lifestyle education with ongoing support and guidance to assist you in reaching optimal wellness. Email support after each session to reinforce what you learned and answer your questions along the way

Assistance through menopause while helping you manage your diet and hormonal support

Instruction in learning to chart your hormonal profiles, metabolic rate, and to identify fertility



Success Builds Success 

My individualized Nutrition and Lifestyle Sessions are now simplified and include a week of daily email support to give you better results. Many who begin nutrition & lifestyle changes try to do too much all at once. I want you to succeed. Taking small steps at a time toward your goals gives better longterm success. Sessions can be scheduled from 15-60 minutes. 4-8 sessions with daily email support is suggested for best results.

See Appointment page in drop-down menu under Consultation heading above for consult details.

See Charting Cycles page in drop-down menu under Consultation heading above for more information on how to learn chart your hormonal profiles