Charting Cycles

 Simple, accurate information every woman should know

Simple, accurate information every woman should know

Learn to Chart Your Cycle of Fertility

  • Simple and invaluable in assessing and monitoring your reproductive health
  • Can help you determine how good your ovulation is
  • Is the most accurate way to determine when to start your progesterone treatment, counting cycle days is not
  • Helps you recognize problems should they arise
  • Tracks your progress daily using a simple charting system, the Billings Ovulation Method™ (BOM), no waiting for lab results
  • Assists you in knowing the optimal time to achieve pregnancy
  • Provides an extremely accurate hormonal profile 


 How to learn 

✔ Make an appointment with me to learn via Skype. Click on Appointments under Consultation heading above.

✔ Or find in-person instruction in the BOM at these links: U.S.Canada or Worldwide


  • Download the free PowerPoint instruction of the BOM at this link here.  
  • Online charting, also available as an app
  • You can purchase hardcopies of the BOM book, the white booklet on how to chart, and charting materials at this link here.
  • Various other online learning options are available.


What is the Billings Ovulation Method™? (BOM)


It is the original and most scientific method of recording daily hormonal profiles that uses a simple charting system developed by Drs. John and Lyn Billings. It is so effective and accurate the WHO gave it the name "Billings" to distinguish it from other methods. It has attracted top researchers in their fields who recognized its value, and who have conducted research with BOM throughout their careers over the past several decades. Many researchers feel this method is the most accurate and scientific. The Billings Ovulation Method has more worldwide studies and users than any other. 

Studies supporting the science of the BOM are here.

Studies using the Billing Ovulation Method to postpone pregnancy are linked here.