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  • One hour Nutritional & Lifestyle Consult via Skype or phone, billed at $125. Includes a week of email support individualized to answer your questions. 
  • Follow-up sessions at 30 minutes each, $65. 4 - 8 sessions are recommended for best results. Success depends on commitment and regular, ongoing support. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions can be tailored to your needs.


  • Instruction in charting hormonal profiles using the authentic Billings Ovulation Method™, $150. Fertility charting can easily be used to monitor your progress toward wellness while assessing fertility and health status. Package includes 50 minute initial instruction via Skype, two 20 minute chart reviews used within 3 months, ongoing email charting support for 6 months . Further chart reviews can be scheduled as you need.
  • Additional chart reviews, $25, via email, phone, or Skype (20 minutes)


  • Kenogen Progest-E  $30 + shipping, pure progesterone drops in vitamin E for use under the tongue. 3 mg per drop. The best quality and only progesterone supplement I recommend. 


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Fertility cycle charting can be posted at this link here. Please list me in the teacher area. You may also scan and email your charting.