Darcy Hemstad, RN, BSN, Fertility Nurse and Wellness Coach

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Darcy uses her expertise to help her clients restore fertility and create lasting changes in health

She educates people in fertility disorders, to increase metabolism, restore normal cycles and achieve pregnancy without harmful chemicals. A Seattle native with a love of cooking and a table full of family and friends, has led to her passion for nutrition as it relates to health. As a mother of five children, she understands the challenges of staying healthy while managing a full schedule. She recognizes the importance of a healthy foundation from the beginning for mother and child.

The better half in his element

The better half in his element

She has dedicated her life to researching the principles which maximize fertility and restore health

One can use simple, practical tools as invaluable monitors of fertility and health status at home. Darcy explains the science behind her teaching to clients and has the objective data of the tools. She is also a teacher trainer and certified instructor of the Billings Ovulation Method™, which provides a very accurate way for women to monitor hormonal profiles as an invaluable indicator of reproductive health.  She has dedicated her life to researching the principles which maximize fertility and restore hormonal balance.

Darcy is a registered nurse trained at the University of Washington. She has 6 years experience as a trauma ICU nurse in a regional burn center and over 15 years as a fertility nurse. She is currently undertaking graduate studies in Nutrition. As a Northwest native is most at home in the garden, hiking a trail, or with a pair of skis underfoot.

What her clients are saying


"I experienced infertility for 10 years and had maybe 1 cycle a year. My doctor said I needed IVF. I met with Darcy instead and did EVERYTHING she suggested to improve my overall health. I started having monthly cycles right away and am now half way through my pregnancy!" B.A., Registered Nurse

"After years of infertility and miscarriages [endometriosis], we credit the gift of our two beautiful girls, and improved health to Darcy Hemstad for directing us toward life-changing information to naturally promote health and fertility. She is an outstanding advocate for women who promotes health and wellness through her research of nutrition and educating others on the importance of choosing their diet wisely."  -S.P., Occupational Therapist

"This was so easy to do and inexpensive. I was so surprised! My skin cleared up and I felt better after only 2 weeks [PCOS]. I am happily sleeping through the night again, my moods are improved, and my cycles are now fertile. " H.A., wife and mother 

"I'm pregnant! Once I had the right amount of nutrients, my chart started to look better.  Thank you for all your help!" -M.F., Licensed Counselor

 "Thanks for all the common sense info, Darcy!" -M.P., wife and mother

"Thrilled to have my cycle back so quickly……happy about weight loss and  surprised as I feel I am always eating. My skin which often breaks out in acne seems to have improved, especially after such a grueling, even though I know I love it, schedule with my study course. Thanks again, Darcy"  -E.M., college student

"I am not sure if you have heard yet, but I am pregnant again (a couple months along)! I still have all of the information that you gave me last time but wanted a few more tips." -L.D., wife and mother

"I NEVER had a regular cycle until using your suggestions!" -J.D., wife and mother

"After suffering with reflux and yeast problems for twenty years, Darcy's nutritional advice helped cure both within one week. She has helped our family tremendously." -J.T., wife and mother

"You have been a huge help in keeping my girls in tip top shape for gymnastics. Thank you so much for all you have done for us!" -Angie, Gymnastics Head Coach

 "Thanks to Darcy and copious amounts of vitamin D(which I thought I was taking to get me through winter depression- since I live in Siberia where winter is eternal and darkness perpetual) and all kinds of healthy food, my cycle of fertility went all crazy-happy and now it's just baby MADNESS!"  :)" -C.W., mother of 8 

“Darcy, Just wanted to let you know that my 42 year old friend that wanted to get pregnant, ( I emailed you for help) is now half way through her pregnancy!  Thanks for your help! God bless" -M.L.

“I’m so excited, for the first time in 6 years my pain from [uterine] fibroids was gone the first day. One was the size of a grapefruit. Now they have shrunk and I no longer need surgery. I just can’t thank you enough.” -S.V., Investment Broker

“I used a low glycemic diet and Metformin for my PCOS and found at first I felt great, but over a few months things got worse, and I had no cycles for over 2 years. I couldn't sleep and my feet were so painful from stress fractures. Thanks to Darcy's assistance and patient support, I slept through the night for the first time in 2 years by the second night after starting. By the fifth day the pain in my feet was gone. By 3 weeks my cycles were back and have been regular for 3 years now." -M.A., college student

  "I had mild adenomyosis/endometriosis for several years and my doctor suggested a hysterectomy because the pain was worsening, until I worked with Darcy. Within the first cycle my pain was diminishing. After a few cycles everything was back to normal and I no longer needed surgery. I have been pain-free for over 2 years now. My allergies and myalgias have gone away too!" -D.W., Physician Assistant